Established in 2006, ENFA Consulting Construction Energy Food and Livestock Landscape Marketing Industry and Trade Limited Company is based in Ankara. The foundation of the company has been built on the contracting activities of Mustafa DEĞİRMENCİ, one of the founding partners. The founding partners of the company are Yüksel, Kemal, Recep and their father Mustafa DEGİRMENCİ. ENFA has built up to 60000 M2 closed area till today. While ENFA had been building on classical parcels until 2011, it started to produce houses in the style of multi-storey site from this date. ENFA has started to work in the field of project consultancy and contracting within the jurisdiction since 2013. Fields of activity of ENFA Building Project Consulting Energy Food Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Marketing Industrial Investments

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